From the beginning, Inspecial Home has understood that how we move through the world matters. Whether that impact is personal, social or environmental  - we are accountable for what we put out into the universe. We are continually striving to ensure our actions are as honorable as our intentions. That being said, we do not and cannot claim to be perfect - we are very much a work in progress and there is always room for improvement. The road is long but we remain open and committed to learning how we can get where we need to be, not only for the sake of this beautiful, blue planet but also for the health & happiness of our global community.

It’s not enough to simply profess our principles, we must actively defend them. Inspecial Home is doing our part to bring about lasting and meaningful change in the following dimensions: 


This beautiful blue planet gives us so much - joy, peace and adventure. We have taken the following measures to nurture and protect this privilege: 

  • Made to last. We are anti  ‘fast fashion’ in our approach - we only source products that are of premium quality. And for every products listed on our site, we bought it in advance and did usage test for over 30 days on its durability, functionality and etc. to make sure  they perform and last to the expectation. The integrity and durability of our products not only means you get maximum joy from the purchases, but it also ensures we are minimising our contribution to landfill and other environmental dilemmas.
  • Keeping it clean. Wherever possible we work with recycled materials 


We mean business when it comes to promoting and practicing equality and inclusivity at every level and every aspect of Inspecial Home. Where we can use our resources to further champion these essential principles amongst our wider community, we do. We are completely in awe of our LGBTIQA+ community.