Silky Gift Box: 6A Grade 100% Organic Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Set of 2 Pcs - 30 Momme, Pure Silk on Both Sides

$79.90 USD$79.90 USD


Look for a luxurious but practical gift? Look no further! Our Organic Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is your go-to option. Come in a set of 2, our pillowcase is ultra-soft and smooth texture of mulberry silk is gentle on the skin and provides a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience for your special someone.


The mulberry silk pillowcase also nurtures a better skin & hair. The smooth and soft surface of the pillowcase reduces friction on the skin and hair, preventing wrinkles, fine lines, and split ends.

Mulberry silk is also naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, which means it won't absorb moisture or trap bacteria like other fabrics can. This helps to prevent acne breakouts and other skin irritations.

The breathable and hypoallergenic properties of our mulberry silk pillowcase also make it an excellent choice for personal hygiene. Silk is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, making it an ideal gift for people with allergies and asthma. The smooth surface of silk is also easy to clean and maintain, preventing the buildup of bacteria and germs.

To help your surprise & impress your special someone, we provide a complimentary gift wrapping with luxurious Diamond Wrap to make unboxing a foreplay of pleasure


Each Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is made from premium 6A Grade organic mulberry silk. This means that our pillowcases are made from the highest quality silk available, ensuring a luxurious and silky-smooth feel. 

From the farming of mulberry to the breeding of silkworms, we source from certified organic suppliers by Global Organic Textile Standard Organization. 

Unlike many pillowcases on the market that are only made of silk less than 19 momme and only on one side, our mulberry silk pillowcases are made with 100% pure silk with a premium 30 momme weight pure long strand on both sides making our pillowcase the most luxurious you could find on the market 

Type: Pillowcase

Number of Pieces: 2


- Front side: 100% 6A Grade 30 Momme Organic Silk

- Back side: 100% 6A Grade 30 Momme Organic Silk

Dimension: 48 * 74cm

  • Hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent 
  • Lay flat to dry 
  • Do not wring or expose the pillowcase to severe sunlight for too long

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