Hand Blown Lollipop Mugs - Whimsical Eclectic Dopamine Drinking Glasses for Coffee, Tea & Juice


The Making of These Hand Blown Cute Coffee Mugs

    Your mugs speak a lot about you and set a tone for your day ahead. With this notion in mind, Lollipop Mugs was created to set you up for a cheerful day. Handmade by skilled artisans, every detail is fine-tuned to perfection, making this exquisite coffee mug a décor on your table and a conversation piece in your office

    What's Special About These Novelty Glass Coffee Mugs

    • [ SIP IN STYLE ] –  Always in style for savoring your coffee & tea and surely mark your office desk with style. 

    • [ MUG WITH PERSONALITY ] - This unique, colorful mug is a perfect complement to someone who’s fashion savvy and open to experience.

    • [ SET A CHEERFUL TONE FOR THE DAY ] - The bold, vibrant colors & playful shape of our Lollipop Mugs are sure to boost your mood for your day ahead.

    • [ SPICE UP YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS ] - These mugs aren't just for coffee and tea. They can also be used as drinking glasses to spice up your favorite beverages with their vibrant colors.

        Type: Novelty Coffee Mug | Tea Cup | Couple Mugs | Drinking Glass

        Number of Pieces: 1

        Capacity: 420ml

        Materials: Borosilicate Glass

        • Heat resistance up to 120°C
        • Handwash recommended. Not to use with dishwasher, oven or microwave
        • Easy cleaning with running water; Avoid using sharp objects like steel wool to clean the mugs.
        • The mugs are made of glass blown by local artisans. The craftsmanship itself requires to leave a tiny hole in the bubble & handle to avoid cracking caused by thermal expansion & constraction
        • Like all the crafts, it can't be perfect, like there might be tiny tiny bubbles in the glass, but it is totally comply with the industry standards