M&M's Cute Candle Warmer Lamp For Large Candles


Why Use A Candle Warmer Lamp 

  • ELIMINATE OPEN FIRE FOR SAFETY - When a candle warmer lamp on, the heating bulb warms and melts the candle wax from the top down and that means there is no open flames ( a must for homes with pets and kids )
  • PROLONG YOUR FAVOuRITE SCENT - The candle warmer lamp gives up gentler heat and melts the wax slowly and more evenly. And this slow burning process helps your candle last longer (something those with a love for pricier candles will love)
  • A GOOD TWO-IN-ONE  - While a table lamp illuminates your space, a candle warmer lamp goes a step further by providing light and the scent of your favorite candle

What We Love About This Candle Warmer Lamp

Look for a unique candle warmer lamp but getting tired of all the boring lantern-like or lamp shaped options in the market? This cute playful candle warmer lamp is your go-to option! Featuring the cartoon figures from our childhood favourite M&M's,  this candle warmer lamp not only help to scent your room when it's on, but also work as a decor to add a fun touch to your space

With a height of 25cm & flexibly adjustable lampshade, it works perfectly with large-format candles like your favourite Yankee Candles

 Usage Recommendations:

  • For safety consideration, please keep it away from any inflammables when using
  • Please place it on a steady, heat-resistant surface and keep them beyond reach of children and pets
  • Please don't touch the bulk when using or right after using the candle warming lamp