Set Of 2 Hand Blown Rainbow Sprinkles Wine Glasses, Whimsical Eclectic Dopamine Cocktail Coupes


The Making of These Premium Hand Blown Coupe Glasses with Wavy Stem

Inspired by our childhood favorite sprinkles, we re-engineered the shape of a classic coupe glass & infuse it with playfulness, hoping it could bring extra fun & cheer to any celebration. Mouth-blown & hand-finished by skilled artisans, every detail is fine-tuned to perfection to deliver an upscale drinking experience

What's Included In The Pack

2 coupe glasses, one with transparent wavy stem, one with purple wavy stem

What's Special About These Premium Wine Glasses Set

  • Always in style for savoring, toasting & indulging 
  • With a generous capacity of 480ml, it is a perfect vessels for any drinks, red or white wine or cocktail

  • Built with high quality crystal glass, these cute coupe glasses is well balanced in weight and has a strong transmittance that  greatly enhanced the tasting and visual feast of any kind of red wine

      Type: Goblet / Coupe Cocktail Glasses with Stem / Colored Margarita Glasses

      Number of Pieces: 2 pcs, one with purple stem, one with transparent stem

      Capacity: 480ml

      Materials: Glass

      Be Aware That:

      • Like all the crafts, it can't be perfect, like there might be tiny tiny bubbles in the glass, but it is totally comply with the industry standards

      Handwash recommended. Clean with running water and do not use sharpe objects like steel wool to clean