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Home is that one place we go to be the most authentic selves. Things we bring back home should be an extension of ourselves and part of our self-definition. However, if you type in any decor on any mainstream sites, what you would find is plate being white, cutlery being silver, black & white candles...What's missing? Soul, an ingredient to spice up your life and nourish your truest self. That's our "in". 

Inspecial Home is an anti-mainstream rebel, we focus on exploring, creating and curating novel and aesthetic lifestyle goods and decors to help you create a place that feels like home to you. 


“Inspiration to help you shine as your truest self is our endless pursuit.

Inspecial Home's mission is to help you find that novel and aesthetic piece that really speaks to you and help you shine as your truest self. At Inspecial Home, we appreciate and celebrate the beauty of diversity. "You just need to be you" is our greatest wish for our customers. We want to encourage this move by supplying novel and aesthetics decors that best capture your truest self.


A brand must be authentic and environmentally responsible.

From our very first day right through to the present, authenticity and sustainability govern our conducts. For every item listed on our site, we tested in our lives for over 30 days on its performance and durability, because we want to make sure you get the maximum joy from every purchase and we contribute to less landfill.