Handblown Retro Wavy Rose Wine Glasses Set of 4 Pcs ( $14.9 Each )

$59.90 USD$69.90 USD

What's Special About These Retro Rose Wine Glasses with Wavy Stems

Featuring coloured wavy stems, these retro wine glasses add an elegant touch to your dining table and your backyard boozy gathering and surely would be the conversation pieces for your party. The coloured wavy stems make it easier for your guests to recognise their wine and the transparent bowls elegantly showcase your wine, making them perfect gears for the creation of intriguing tablescape


      • What's included: 4 Pcs of Retro Wavy Goblets in different colours
      • Size: φ8.8 * 16cm
      • Materials: lead free borosilicate glass
      • Heat resistance up to 120°C
      • Dishwasher & microwave save